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If you are an illustrator and love comics, this contest is for you!!!

Alright!  Unless you've been living in some dark cave, you know about the upcoming JETTA / SHI: ARROW OF DESTINY  crossover that will be hitting comic stores and TOSHIGAWA.COM this July. To show some fan appreciation, we at MAW Productions in conjunction with Billy Tucci have decided to hold an art contest.

After years of undisturbed peace, an unknown evil threatens Honno-Ji again. Tenkai, a mysterious monk, must call on the help of a descendant of the Sohei (Shi) & the descendant of the Toshigawa (Jetta) to honor an age-old promise to protect the Arrow of Nobunaga.

To celebrate, we are holding an art contest at TOSHIGAWA.COM. Illustrate Jetta and Shi and win two free copies of Jetta / Shi: Arrow of Destiny. One will have a Jetta cover and the other copy will have the Shi alternate. Both copies will be signed by the creative team. As an added bonus, both Martheus Wade and William Tucci will include sketches that will go to the winner.

It's that simple. Log in to TOSHIGAWA.COM's message board at… to enter.

•1st prize winners win a JETTA / SHI prize pack featuring two Jetta / Shi: Arrow of Destiny comic books (Jetta cover and Shi cover) each signed by the creative team, a sketch by Martheus Wade (creator of Jetta) and a sketch by William Tucci (creator of Shi).

Contest ends June 01, 2008. Winners will be notified July 2, 2008, via email. Log in to TOSHIGAWA.COM's message board… to register. All of the artwork for the contest should be placed in the message board under contest. Please include a PM in the message board with your full name, contact email and mailing address with your artwork submission. All artwork that will be submitted will be used for contest and contest promotional purposes only. No prizes can be exchanged or refunded.


Jetta is ©™ Martheus Antone Wade (MAW Productions)

Shi is ©™ William Tucci.


Con Schedule 2008...
2/22-2/24/08: ConNooga (Chattanooga, TN)
3/28-3/30/08: MidSouthCon (Memphis, TN)
6/12-6/15/08: Superman Celebration!!! (Metropolis, IL)
7/24-7/27/08: SDCC (San Diego, CA)
Sept 2008: CGS episode 400 (Reading, PA)


Signings & Appearances Schedule 2008...
4/5/08:  12noon-3pm? @ Book Haven, 579 Goodman Rd., (Southaven, MS)

MSCA (Midsouth Cartoonists Assoc.) members:

:iconmartheus: :iconsaltygirl: :iconslimmmgoodie: :iconandrewchandler80: :iconadamshaw:


Info on commissions here:…